Sunday Funday at Malibu Farmers Market

Although I literally threw on a hat  to run down to farmers market to pick up organic veggies I was completely tempted by the extra ordinary amount of fresh baked goodies there.  Especially the Fudge Dipped Apples from Village Sweets!! omg!  When I stopped to gaze at the beautiful apples the sweet girl behind the table complimented my t-shirt and went on about how she loved Van Halen.  I must have looked confused so she asked me if I “know who they are”!  Yes, I said, yet this t-shirt was a gift from my husband 🙂  I changed the subject to the gorgeous apples in front of me and she told me that this was only their third week at the Malibu Farmers Market but it looks like they’ll be coming back!  If only I hadn’t started back on my Paleo regimen again…yesterday!  It was nice meeting you Camilla, look forward to seeing you again next week.






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